Through our own experiences, we are aware that it can be a stressful upsetting time for some pets following a visit to the grooming parlour. However our aim is to change this and make it a truly happy experience for them by providing a warm relaxing familiar friendly environment, with people that know what their needs are and truly care. A fully insured, safe and hygienic environment. Your beloved pet will be spoiled and groomed to a very high standard using only the best top quality products and accessories, ensuring that your pets will look and feel their very best at all times.


Here are some questions asked…

Do I need to make an appointment?
We do offer walk in services however to avoid possible disappointment it’s always advisable to make a reservation.
How long does it take do groom my dog?
It will take no longer than 3 hours.
Will my dog be muzzled?
The majority of dogs are not muzzled. If the dog shows any signs of aggression, it’s for the dog’s protection and our safety to muzzle the dog. The muzzle is immediately removed if the dog shows any signs of distress.
Can I stay with my dog?
We find that dogs get easily distracted if their owner stays, so we don’t usually allow the owner to stay.
My dog has to be sedated is that ok?
We regret that we cannot accept sedated dogs into our care under any circumstances.
What does the groom include?
All grooms include brushing, bathing, drying, ears, eyes and nail care. Clipping and scissoring is also included depending on the breed.
Will I be charged extra if my dog's coat is matted?
This will depend if extra time is needed to trim your dog. Your dog’s coat will be assesed upon arrival, and discussed prior to trim.
Can I just have my dog's nails cut?
Yes it costs £5.00.  (No booking required)  Perfect!
Will my dog be put in a cage?
We prefer not to put any dog into a cage and would only do so should it be deemed absolutely necessary for reasons of safety should there be no other alternative available at that time.
Do you groom cats or other animals?
No, we only do dogs.
My dog hates other dogs what can I do?
Please let us know so we can arrange a quiet time for an appointment, without other dogs in the salon.
Can I bring a shampoo prescribed by my vet?
Yes you can as long as there are clear instructions for us to follow.
What if my dog has fleas?
Dogs found with fleas will immediately be bathed in flea shampoo to kill all the fleas on the dog (note there is an additional charge for this as flea shampoo is much more expensive) We will then advise you on how to treat your pet and environment.